Christmas Cards

3 Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards for friends is my chance to indulge a childish pleasure in messing around with colored paper, glitter and glue. I was never good with scissors and rulers as a kid, but acquiring a rolling paper cutter (replacing the cut-your-hand-off- guillotine and the deadly X-acto knife) has opened new vistas.  Although I’m still at war with glue and tape, which always seem to insist on sticking to the wrong places.

Tearing up the sutras.png

Making a unique card for each person is a way of stepping back to think about him or her, whether it’s someone I see all the time or haven’t seen in years.  I don’t know whether my friends and relations like my *ART* but they never seem to mind getting a card. Sometimes that even provokes them into sending one to me.

Otherwise, I’d end up like A.A. Milne’s Bad King John who had to send Christmas cards to himself:

Bad King John

King John verse

Here are some of what I’ve inflicted on my friends this season:

Pink with translucent circles

Inside purple and green

Blue circle on green rectangle

Yellow outside orange circles.jpg

3 decorated circles.jpg

3 green cut paper squares

Green cut paper inside


4 color horizontal seasons greetings

4 color horizontal inside

Rectangles, triangle half moon

Christmas tree purple moon

Tilting Christmas tree blue dots outside

Tilting tree outside


Christmas tree outside

Two blue triangles

Red triangle inside



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